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London Regional Forum Takes Significant Decision

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London Regional Forum Takes Significant Decision

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London Regional Forum Takes Significant Decision

WDIE has been informed by the Party in the London Region that the meeting of the London Regional Forum on the Mass Party Press which was held on October 19 took a significant decision.

The meeting on October 19 was the first in a new series of meetings of the Forum. The first series of Forums on the Mass Party Press had been successful in engaging the activists and supporters of the RCPB(ML) in the region in setting the agenda for the Party’s regional work. Becoming aware that the first step in building the mass party press was their conscious participation in writing for and disseminating the Party’s newspaper, the participants in the Forums had adopted a programme of the study of The Line of March to a New Society, of discussion on issues raised in Workers’ Weekly and WDIE, and of mobilising the maximum number to disseminate, study and write for the paper.

The meeting of the London Regional Forum on October 19 recognised that the summing up of this work and the decisions on how to advance the organising tasks in the region must involve all those that had participated in deciding on that programme and in implementing it. The meeting therefore resolved to postpone this summing up to the next meeting of the Forum on November 2, and involve themselves in a two-week programme of discussion and practical work, with the aim of mobilising all the concerned forces in setting the agenda for the London Regional Forum. The forum endorsed the position that if the maximum number are mobilised to join in, discuss and give their opinions on setting this agenda, then the Party’s organising work and the work to organise the people to defend their interests is bound to make headway in the region. The Regional Forum also recognised that the success of this work is an indispensable part of the London Region’s preparation for the National Consultative Conference to be held by the end of the year.

WDIE wishes the London Regional Forum on the Mass Party Press every success in this important work.

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